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The Name Tape Printer Package

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Name Tapes are also sometimes know as Name Tags, Sew-in Labels etc. When personalised, name tapes are an instant way of identifying items of clothing.

Using our ZX-40 Ultra computer-linked printer, you can now print name tapes and name tags in an instant without using any dies or set-up charges.

When connected to a PC, you are able to import any image/graphics along with any truetype font. Infact, the ZX-40 Ultra is so versatile, it can also print in any language, providing of course you have the fonts on your PC. This makes the ZX-40 Ultra much sought-after around the world.

Personalised name tapes are used in many different sectors of society, such as:-

* Personalised Name Tapes for schoolwear.
* Personalised Name Tapes for Bedding in Nursing Homes and Hospitals
* Personalised Name Tapes for Laundry at Hotels & Restaurants

... to name but a few.

Easy to apply and long lasting!

Our Name Tapes/tag are available in either die cut form or as continuous media. The latter can easily but cut with a pair of scissors. Using a domestic iron, these name tapes/tags can easily by ironed on to your garments. Neither the label not the print will come off easily in a wash as our both the print colour and the name tapes are designed to withstand many many washes.

Labels for

Iron on labels - available as continuous or die cut

Die cut shoe labels
(clear protective film/patch to go on top
available as an optional extra)

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