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Do you make or supply garments, toys etc? If so, you may need to attach washcare labels to your products.

Wahscare Labels (or sometimes known as tags) carry useful information on how garments should be washed and dried to prolong the life of the item.

Washcare Labels can also carry other useful information such as your logo, company name and address, ‘Made in....’ etc ; so much so, it can also act as your advert!

With our ZX-40 Ultra, you can print professional washcare labels in an instant. All you require is our table-top computer-linked printer, our software, Washcare Label and the washcare Foil - and you are good to go!

Washcare Label Printer

Washcare Foils

55mm wide x 50m length
Collours available:  Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Red
Price per roll: £8.99+VAT

Sew-in (Washcare) Label

Economy grade 40mm x 35m length.  Price: £19.00+VAT
Premium grade 25mmx50m length.  Price: £21.30+VAT
Premium grade 40mmx50m length.  Price: £28.65+VAT

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The ZX-40 Ultra is capable of printing more than just washcare & iron on labels!  The ZX-40 can also print onto satin ribbons for luxury packaging as well as  self-adhesive advertising stickers! Please click here for details